The Future: A Note from the Cartoonist

Dear readers,

Writing and drawing comics has been a dream many years in the making for me. Since elementary school, I have drawn various cartoons – worlds of puppies and kids and magical creatures – stories waiting to soar as soon as I found the right resources and opportunity to publish them. Cube Root Garden (and Hope Comics) were my “pandemic projects,” made possible by the change of pace throughout 2020. The Cube Root Garden website and comics were built during August – December 2020, when my schedule was more flexible than it is today.

Unfortunately, since returning to in-person work and school, I have even more commitments than before the pandemic. As much as I love to draw comics, I simply do not have the time or energy after working 60+ hours per week. Cube Root Garden is an ongoing project, and I have no plans to abandon it. I will continue to draw comics whenever I can, but there may be multiple month breaks in between.

Throughout the next year, I anticipate posting Cube Root Garden comics “occasionally” – one or two comics over a few-weeks period, then a few months before the next comic appears. If you want to catch all of the comics without checking too frequently, I recommend you bookmark the Cube Root Garden website and put a note in your calendar for one month out to check again. If there’s a new comic, click backward to see if there were more than one, and if not, just make a note for the next month.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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